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                                    The subject arrested for robbing the bank by a gun toy

It is reported that a man had tried to rob a local bank in Hermosillo in Mexico by a fake gun. After the subject fled away, luckily, the bank clerks were able to offer description to police. Later, the subject was arrested by the police after just a short time. An interesting thing to say is that the robber used the NES Zapper covered in tape to rob the local bank.

In particular, instead of using a real gun to rob the bank, the subject chose a method called “Do-It-Yourself”. He covered the NES Zapper in black material to make it look like a real gun. Then he used it to hold up the bank. Using this fake gun could not hurt or damage to anyone, which can be considered as a lucky thing. The police offered the taped-up NES Zapper photos, as follows:

                                       Police seized the exhibit that the robber used in this case

According to the photos provided, every part with bright colours of the NES Zapper, but the trigger’ tiny red part, is hidden with the tape. The subject succeeded in deceiving the bank clerks with this fake gun. It is reported that the police are investigating the robber for fifteen other crimes. For further information about this toy, people started using the NES Zapper in the years of 1980 for many games like Freedom Force, Gumshoe, Duck Hunt, and others.

That the man uses the toy gun to rob the bank becomes a funny story for bank clerks in this area, which can be told to many other people many times later. It is lucky that no one was actually hurt in this case. At the present, the authorities have not revealed the information of the robber.