A man in Taiwan named Jin Wu has shared his interesting story on Facebook recently about his PS5. In his story, he was looking to buy a PS5 from a man on November 20 and they met each other in person to make the trade.

He got to the meeting location early so he decided to call the seller. Much to his surprise, a woman answered the phone and through the conversation, it seemed that she doesn't know much about gaming or the PS5. Plus the price he was offered was surprisingly low, considering how hot the PS5 is right now.

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The PS5 is the latest generation console with new, more powerful hardware

But the one who showed up at the meeting location was a middle-aged man, who was the actual owner of the PS5. The machine was in great condition so Wu got curious and asked him why would he want to sell this PS5 at such a cheap price. Wu initially thought that the man mistakenly bought 2 PS5 but the real story was much more interesting than that.

The man revealed that he bought the PS5 from PChome, an online market in Taiwan. Apparently, he lied to his wife that the PS5 was an air purifier. Wu didn't want to get into it too much so he didn't ask further but I think we can imagine what happened afterward.

The price of a PS5 now can go up to 1 Lakh

PS5 is the latest generation console and there is a limited number of products now so people are willing to pay an obscene amount of money to get a PS5 for themselves as soon as possible. The price of a PS5 can go up to Rs 1 Lakh at the moment.

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