While the number of Coronavirus positive cases in India has hit 75,000 and the country keeps fighting against the pandemic, a shameful incident regarding racial attack has taken place in Gurugram.

Manipur Girl Beaten
Here are the photos of her injuries.

Some reports pointed out that when Chong Hoi Misao, aged 20, moved from Manipur to the Faizapur area of Gurugram in Haryana on May 10, she got brutally attacked by locals. The reason behind it was that the girl passed through this locality.

Beaten Girl Manipur

According to her close friend, Misao came to Faizapur to have a meeting with her friend. She also had lunch there.

At that time, as reported by East Mojo, an elderly woman stopped the victim from passing through the road. The rude woman said this road was private property.

She also spoke insults to Misao and banned her from crossing the street ahead of her house. Everything went worse when Mi

sao required the woman to speak more politely, she continued to face a series of verbal abuse. The woman even called her “Corona”. It seems that the Coronavirus pandemic has become a nightmare towards anyone in the world and in this incident, towards the poor girl Misao.

Beaten Girl Coronavirus

Manipur Girl Racism

Misao said she would call the police for a complaint if necessary. However, the woman eloquently said that the police were on their side.

After the quarrel, the woman’s family members began to appear and hit the victim with sticks. Both her son and daughter-in-law were involved. They even beat Misao’s head, leading to her unconsciousness. It was lucky that some locals rescued the girl and called the police.

Fir Manipur
Misao's FIR.

However, to the fury of Misao, as well as of the witnesses, the police officials suggested that she should make a compromise. Misao had no choice but to call the North East Support Centre & Helpline (also known as NESCH) for help. They came to the scene at about 8.30 pm.

Nambu Riamei from NESCH said that the center called the DCP and required them to take instant action. As for the victim, she was immediately taken to medical care. In addition, a female police official recorded her statement and filed an FIR.

Riamei further said that her center took the poor girl to the safe house shelter because Misao felt too scared to return her place. And then, the NESCH team helped her to collect her belongings and gave them to her.

Misao is now receiving medical treatment and waiting for CT scan results.