TikTok is developing really fast in recent years, no doubt about that. Coming from China, this video sharing platform has turned into a global social media. In our country, this app is extremely famous. TikTok has been so successful in India that the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg had to admit that Instagram was not as big as TikTok in our country.

Mark Zuckerberg
Even the big boss of Facebook has to show some respect for TikTok

The fast and successful development of TikTok all over the world in recent years has made employees of other big social media platforms concern. Some employees of Facebook have brought this concern to their CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg himself responded that in recent years, TikTok had been doing so well that its scale in the Indian market has surpassed the scale of Instagram.

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TikTok has temporarily surpassed Instagram in our country

Digging deep into the reason for the success of TikTok in recent years, Mark Zuckerberg saw that this Chinese app has “married short-form, immersive video with browse.” This means the whole TikTok app is quite similar to the ‘Explore Tab’ of Instagram. So, in the future, to compete with TikTok, Facebook will have new testing features for Instagram. One of those new testing features is that this company will change the interface of Instagram so that the ‘Explore’ feature will highlight and focus on the Instagram stories created by the users.

Although Mark Zuckerberg admit that Instagram has been defeated, this CEO also promised that they would not give up. Facebook will learn to improve their product.

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Stories on Instagram will be the focus point for the upcoming update patches

Another big reason for the success of TikTok in recent years is certainly its marketing strategy. Mark Zuckerberg has pointed out that this Chinese company has been spending a huge amount of money on their marketing plans. This means that the majority of the current TikTok users will likely stop using this app if the promotion plans are stopped.

Besides upgrading Instagram with new features, another way of Facebook to compete against TikTok is Lasso. This is a new app by this tech corporation, and you can say that Lasso is the American version of TikTok. Facebook is doing multiple marketing campaigns for Lasso in many markets that have not been taken over by TikTok, like the USA, Mexico…

Facebook Lasso 1200
If you can't completely defeat your opponents, creating a clone seems to be a good choice

Facebook is really ambitious with its future plans, so this corporation intends to enter the online payments segment seriously. Mark Zuckerberg believed that a proper position for Facebook in this segment would help all other products of this company. This corporation has already rolled out its own cryptocurrency called Libra. Besides Libra, Facebook has also had many attempts to bring the WhatsApp Payments to many different countries, including by not limited to India.

About TikTok, this app has gathered more than 500 million users all over the world (counting until May 2019). The Indian TikTok users accounted for 39% or the total users of this app. That is why, although TikTok has been in 150 countries in the world, this company has special attention to the Indian market. This Chinese company had poured $100 million dollars into the Indian market before, but it still put another huge investment in our country earlier this year. That investment was said to be up to one billion USD.

Despite so many bans, TikTok is still overwhelmingly famous in India

Perhaps in the future, we will see Facebook rolling out creative plans to gain the number one position in India. But for now, we should accept that TikTok is perhaps the biggest app in our country.