The positive effects of napping and masturbating

Feeling sleepy and out of energy in the afternoon is a very common thing, and it's not something that you should feel bad about. NASA has done plenty of researches to point out that it's the nature of our body.

They also point out several ways to keep your brain functioning well in the afternoon, and the best way to solve this problem is to have a short nap. At least, it's the best so far. Specifically, studies emphasized that sleeping for only 10 to 20 minutes at noon will boost your performance drastically in the afternoon. It's as effective of a mental recharge as a deep sleep at night.

Masturbation At Mid Day Is Even Better For Your Pe
Having a nap will get rid of your sleepiness and tiredness in the afternoon

Thus, scientists always suggest people have a nice nap before continuing to work in the afternoon for better performance. Many organizations have taken this idea into consideration. As a result, some have lifted the restriction on napping, and there are even companies constructing napping zones for their employees to have some Zs.

Masturbation At Mid Day Is Even Better For Your Pe
Most companies now allow their employees to have a short sleep before working again

Masturbating, on the other hand, is not that welcomed, as it's considered as a taboo topic among some strict countries. Furthermore, there is less research on how masturbation can improve brain functions and most of them seem debatable. However, we can't recognize some trusty conclusion that regular and reasonable masturbation is good for your health and your brain.

Masturbation At Mid Day Is Even Better For Your Pe
Masturbation does have cognitive effects on your mental health!

To be more specific, regular masturbation will make you sleep better, relieve your stress and increase women's sexual sensitivity. Additionally, some researches even showed that it's a great short-term pain reliever, as it unleashes loads of dopamine and oxytocin after every orgasm. Not only physically, but jerking off can also mentally help heal your depression as well.

Masturbation At Mid Day Is Even Better For Your Pe
Just don't get too much into it, and it's all fine!

But masturbation at mid-day might be stronger than just napping!

Considering what I've mentioned above, masturbating does have some similar effects with napping. In fact, masturbation even has stronger effects at some point. So, can it replace napping to become a better method to solve sleepiness and tire in the afternoon? Can it really be better than napping? According to some at least, it makes sense.

A sex coach named Carlos Cavazos has revealed this fact in an interview. To be more specific, he was asked whether he would opt to masturbate instead of taking a nap. Immediately, the coach answered without hesitation: "I sure would!".

Masturbation At Mid Day Is Even Better For Your Pe
Is masturbation really better than having a nap?

He explained the scientific reason behind his choice, stating that jerking off will release the prolactin hormone into your brain, which contributes to stress-relieving. As a result, you'll feel better as you wake up, and feel more positive towards demanding clients or annoying coworkers.

And since napping and masturbating doesn't have any conflicts, people can do both for the best performance booster! Regarding how companies have lifted the restriction of napping in the workplace, why can't they adopt the case of masturbation? (in discreet, of course!)

Masturbation At Mid Day Is Even Better For Your Pe
I can't imagine masturbating zones in working places!

Further speaking about this topic, Cavazos humorously said: "Chances are a lot of your coworkers are getting off during the workdays." He even hinted that if you see your coworkers seem happier and more energetic, it might be that they've finished their task of self-loving!

Hopefully, there will be more researches on larger scales about this method in the future. And if napping and having cups of coffee is not strong enough, consider loving yourself to see the differences!