Girls and gaming used to be considering 2 totally separate things. However, in recent years, the number of girls gamers has been increasing non-stop. There are more and more girl gamers now, who are not only very talented but also extremely beautiful.

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Meet Sylchasie, The Gorgeous Midlaner Of League Of Legend Team İstanbul Wildcats

Zeynep Su Kaykılmaz, also known as Sylchasie, is a streamer and the only female player for the League of Legends team İstanbul Wildcats. Sylchasie played for team HWA in 2018 before moving to team İstanbul Wildcats in April 2019.  She has been a sensation in the League of Legends community recently for her angelic beauty. Along with her long silver hair, she has stolen the heart of countless male gamer whenever she appears on stage.

While Sylchasie is really active on her Instagram to keep her fans updated with her life, she is very discrete about her personal life, even her age, or where she studied, making everyone curious.

Apart from being a talented gamer, Sylchasie is also a cosplayer




Apart from being a talented gamer, Sylchasie is also a cosplayer. She usually cosplays her favorite characters in games she played. With a fine slim body and the natural beauty of a Turkish girl, she has been receiving lots of offers from many brands to become their model.

With a cute face and dreamy silver long hair, Sylchasie is the dream girl of many players





During the coronavirus outbreak, Sylchasie shared a picture of her cheering up for the situation in Wuhan to become better and got a lot of positive reaction from China, making her number fans increases rapidly.

Unfortunately for all those fans out there, Sylchasie already has a boyfriend, who is a Korean student in Turkey. However, thanks to that, we get to see Sylchasie in the Korean traditional dress, Hanbok.

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Sylchasie in a Hanbok dress