Considering an overview of the AV industry around the world, Japan is surely the country that has witnessed great development in this field. Therefore, it is not surprising that the country of cherry blossoms has also attracted many foreigners pursuing this adult venture.

One of the most famous foreign hot girls who have traveled to Japan is certainly none other than Melody Marks. For the unknown, she now decided to become a streamer after giving up the job as an X-rated actress.

Melody Marks
Melody Marks decided to be a streamer instead of an Av model.

Adult film star turns streamer

The young girl is exceptionally popular in the adult video industry over the world. Melody Marks is from Scandinavia, Northern Europe.

Previously, the debutante created an immense echo in the field in the first half of 2020.

Melody Marks 1
The Western girl even moved to Japan to expand her career.

After her trip to Japan, Melody Marks' reputation arose even more despite the fact she was only 21 years old and still considered a promising rookie at that time.

Having a pretty face and most of all, a very hot body, Melody does not take too long to conquer fans’ hearts. Indeed, Melody's debut work in Japan quickly created great attraction. Marketing tricks and PR played a significant role in her success. However, it was the brand of the name Melody Marks that did the main work.

Melody Marks 2
Japanese fans were sad that she did not stay for long.

And recently, she sent many fans into a frenzy when announcing that all preparations are complete. Melody Marks herself would make an attempt to be a streamer, sooner or later.

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Fans wonder what her content will be

Melody Marks has not been involved in producing any new work for a long time. Fans supposed that it could be due to the impact of the pandemic or any complicated cause.

Melody Marks 3
Now that she announced her new work, fans are looking forward to her future streaming.

However, she actually spent a lot of time taking care of her personal page and joins the Livestream industry. In fact, her direction is quite similar to most of the top actors in Japan like Yua Mikami, Eimi Fukada ...

One of the things that fans most expect and wonder about at the moment is what Melody Marks will bring onto the screen. They are also curious about how performances will come out.

Melody Marks 4
What will the girl bring to the platform? We will have to wait and see.

It must be known that at the present time, she is still just a pure actress who has never shown any other side talent. According to some sources, Melody will follow the tendency to confide, tell stories with fans only.

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