The trailer features the reboot of popular Men In Black franchise by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jonas before. In this movie, Thor Ragnarok's warrior duo is Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson will take over the job as secret agents investigating aliens. The reboot title is Men in Black International.

The trailer shows Thompson will play a rookie agent and Hemsworth is assigned to train her. Liam Neeson is the head of MiB in the UK and Emma Thompson has dropped out of Agent O since MIB 3. If you saw the trailer you also see the film is a combination of action, chase and humorous, clever and wise.

If you are a Marvel fan, you must not forget the Valkyrie warriors and thunder god Thor have fought together in Thor: Ragnarok. They now stand together as MiB agents in 2019.

The big starring couple in Thor: Ragnarok will star together in the Men in Black reboot in 2019

The first two films of MIB, the movie has brought back box office records at that time. Part 3 of the movie was not as highly recommended as the previous two but still earned $ 624 million at box offices worldwide. In total, the film grossed more than $ 1.6 billion after three parts.

The previous movies of Men in Black have garnered high sales at many box office locations around the world.

The director of the blockbuster movie The Fate of the Furious, F. Gary Gary will be the director of the film Men in Black International. The cast also includes Kumai Nanjiani (Silicon Valley), Rafe Spall (Prometheus) and Rebecca Ferguson (Mission Impossible: Fallout).

Neeson will portray the head of the U.K. branch of the Men in Black, although there is no indication as to how large or small a role he may have.

Men in Black International is scheduled to be released on June 14 next year.