The world-renowned porn star Mia Malkova has announced her very own risque wall calendar for 2021 that includes her raunchy snaps featuring lingerie and swimwear. The stunning bombshell will start selling the X-rated calendar this Christmas.

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Mia Malkova starts selling her X-rated calendar this Christmas

The adult actress started her career in pornography when she was 19.  She announced the news to fans on Instagram. Mia Malkova, who is known as a “booty girl” for her peachy behind, posted a saucy photo with the caption to announce her new 2021 calendar in the best way she knows.

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Get your own "12 months of Heaven"

And of course, Mia’s 7.6 million loyal Instagram followers went ballistic over the prospect. One even called it “Twelve months of heaven!”. They made sure the porn star had her fair share of praises.

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The calendar is offered at $29.99

If you're a big Mia fan, remember to could treat yourself to the calendar as a Christmas present. The 2021 calendar will feature X-rated snaps of the blonde star in sultry snaps which represent each month.

In some, Mia models lingerie while others feature her splashing around in swimwear. In other' months, she wears cropped clothing that celebrates each month. But you can be sure that they are hot enough to burn off your eyes.

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Mia also owns an OnlyFans page

The American star appeared in the 2018 documentary God, Sex and Truth. In the short film, Mia said that “the only reason she got into porn is that she loves sex and the porn world is the safest and the best place to explore sex in all its forms." Mia's 2021 Calendar is currently available for $29.99 (INR 2,217).

Mia Malkova has been dominating Pornhub's searches for years. The female adult performer was one of the top 15 most popular stars on the world's largest adult entertainment site. Recently, she also joined fellow stars on the content-selling platform OnlyFans. You can subscribe to her account for the exclusive content.

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