BlueStacks is an emulation platform that can help people enjoy their Android apps and games on PC. Many useful features have been brought to the app by the developers in its newest update, and a huge number of games is promisingly coming to Steam due to BlueStacks' recent idea.

Bluestacks Inside Steam
With BlueStacks Inside, publishing games on PC is now easier than ever.

The team behind BlueStacks introduced BlueStacks Inside today, described it as a “one-click SDK” that allows mobile game developers to publish their products on PC storefronts (e.g. Discord, Steam). They also said that there is no porting task required on this process, which means budget-conscious or cash-strapped mobile developers are now encouraged to start their business on PC apparently.

More specifically, according to the company, developers who use BlueStacks Inside will be able to access general Steam features such as payment (via Steam Wallet), community hub, offers, curators, and collection functions. The game will also get its own window to run, and there will not be some kind of BlueStacks branding included.

BlueStacks Inside: what else we need to know?

The company also revealed the list of first developers using BlueStacks Inside to launch their games on PC includes Funplus, KOG and Fabled Game Studio. But how can BlueStacks earn money from its effort? The company answers that they will get a percentage of profits generated from in-app purchases and also charge for an “integration fee.”

“We eliminate the need for separate development teams just to bring mobile games to a PC audience. When published with BlueStacks, a player downloading the game through Steam gets the full game experience. It isn’t BlueStacks. It isn’t Steam. It’s a PC game,” said CEO Rosen Sharma of the company in a press statement sent via email.

Many games are coming to Steam via BlueStacks Inside?

There's still a big question: is it possible for developers to add features that are exclusive to PC (e.g. advanced graphics options) through this process, or such features are also required to be included in the mobile games? There is another statement from BlueStacks' spokesperson, “games will be updatable in the same state they are featured on the app stores on mobile," which probably means that features exclusive for PC won't be available.

Quality control is another concern that either party needs to make clear, particularly as there are many criticisms towards Steam about its quality control and content discovery in the past. BlueStacks' spokesperson stated that their content will be following Steam’s policies. Shovelware is apparently raising some questions, but it will be significantly easier for making quality ports with the smallest effort.