In recent days, the netizens have paid lots of attention to a Japanese model, also known as the most popular hostess in this country, showed off her images of 10 years ago and at present. She is Nonoka Sakurai, aged 29.

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She revealed that she used to be a victim of school violence. Nonoka Sakurai suffered from her so-called friends’ evil pranks such as someone splashed her body with water or hide spikes in her shoes. Even some impolitely mocked her as a gorilla.

However, Nonoka Sakurai turned such disgrace into a great motivation to change and enhance her beauty. At that time, the girl had a diamond face, single eyelids, big nose wings, buck teeth, full lips, and rough skin.

Nonoka Sakura
Hostess Nonoka Sakura of ten years ago and at present.

Since she was 19, Nonoka Sakura has started to get plastic surgeries. After more than 100 surgeries for ten years, her appearance has changed completely. Besides these painful surgeries, the girl also changes her fashion and makeup style. It’s great that her life has gradually moved to a brighter world.

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On some TV shows, Nonoka Sakura revealed that in a bid to have her current look, she has had to spend over 20 million Japan yen (about Rs1.4 crore). However, she has no complaint about what she received.

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Some think that Nonoka Sakurai may be addicted to plastic surgeries. When being asked about this topic, the girl said that she just considers these surgeries as an escape from the painful past. Despite lots of pain, she is no longer called a gorilla and her world has become brighter and happier. Nonoka Sakurai also said that her upcoming target is doing a cosmetic surgery that helps her look like idol Kanna Hashimoto.

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At present, she works as a monopoly model for a domestic magazine. Additionally, she has two bars with the highest revenues in Japan in recent years. That’s why Nonoka Sakurai is known as the top-leading hostess with a monthly income of 700M Japan yen (about Rs 48.7 crore).


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