Paige Woolen, a 28-year-old model with more than 2 lakh followers on social networks, has rocked the Internet via her campaign of hunting adulterous men who are cheating on their wives or girlfriends. Famous for her sexy photos on Instagram, Woolen often receives a lot of flirty messages from male netizens. However, the model feels uncomfortable and annoyed when the majority of the senders are in marital status or in a romantic relationship.


Woolen said that many men flirt with her while they still show their girlfriends’ photos publicly on their private page. She wonders whether their lovers know they send such messages to girls with hot bikini photos on social networks.

The model frankly showed the screenshots of her flirty messages from the guys she believes are unfaithful to their lovers. When receiving such a message in recent days, Woolen replied that she felt he was cute and hoped that they could meet each other if he was still single.

The guy immediately said that he was actually single and asked about her Snapchat account. Meanwhile, Woolen discovered that his private page was covered by his girlfriend’s photos.

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Woolen added that not all of the senders lie to her shamelessly. Some are not actually in a romantic relationship while others admit that they now have a girlfriend but want to try a new relationship.

That’s why she wants to use her influence on social networks to help girls in love with such adulterous guys. On her private page, the model even said that who wants to check her boyfriend’s loyalty can contact her. She said she will proactively send a message to check the guy’s reaction.

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If he is a good guy, she will do nothing. Or she will take screenshots and show them on her second account @dudesinthedm to reveal his actual nature to the whole netizens if he isn’t.

Girls obviously give a lot of support to Woolen while guys feel uncomfortable. Some even threaten to give up following her if the model continues to do that. However, she doesn’t have the intention to stop because she believes that she does nothing wrong.

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