According to media outlets, Mollie Fitzgerald - the actress playing a minor role at Captain America: The First Avenger starring Chris Evans was caught by police on December 31, 2019. She was accused of stabbing her 68-year-old mother to death, which is regarded as second-degree murder.

'Stark Girl' Mollie Fitzgerald was arrested for murdering her mother

Mollie Fitzgerald, 38 years old, was arrested by American police last year and was put behind bars for a 5,00,000 USD Bond. She was charged with murdering her mother - Patricia 'Tee' Fitzgerald by fatally stabbing her to death. Her body was found in her house at Olathe on December 20, and it took 10 days for the police to trace down the murderer.

Mollie Fitzgerald Captain America Actress Arrested
Mollie Fitzgerald - the actress for a minor role in Captain America: The First Avenger - was arrested last Tuesday

To be more specific, the police came to Mrs. Patricia's house in response to a call to report an armed dispute. Reaching the location, they found Mollie's mother already passed away with deadly wounds. Mollie was soon arrested for committing to this crime, and on caught, she also has some minor injuries as well. The motive behind this saddening case was not revealed yet.

Who is Mollie Fitzgerald?

Mollie Fitzgerald is the daughter of Patricia Fitzgerald and Harlon Hunziker, and has decided to follow her mother's last name, Fitzgerald. Another thing that makes this case incredibly mysterious is that Mollie doesn't have any real motive to kill her mother.

Mollie Fitzgerald Captain America Actress Arrested
The actress' motive is still yet to be announced

The actress was not that famous for her acting career, but was praised for her talents in other fields behind the scenes. In detail, apart from her acting career with some of the most outstanding roles like Stark Girl in Captain America: The First Avenger, Mollie Fitzgerald was also known as a director, a movie producer, and a novelist. Her filmography includes mainly small-budget projects like The Creeps (2017) or The Lawful Truth (2014).

Mollie Fitzgerald Captain America Actress Arrested
Her minor role of Stark Girl in Captain America: The First Avenger

Even more shocking is that Mollie Fitzgerald is very successful in both education and business. She has worked for a world-level real-estate company namely  Sotheby's International Realty in 2016, and also graduated from Trinity University, as well as learning at Fordham University - a highly-graded school in New York, as well.

Mollie Fitzgerald Captain America Actress Arrested
Her career and education status makes people shocked

Looking at her biography, people are completely shocked and baffled about why would she have to commit to such crimes. We'll have to wait for the police's investigation to find out.