People in the Lopburi city, Thailand have lived in the bad days that just seem to happen in fantasy movies in Hollywood film industry: humans must have to live in “cages” while monkeys are wandering everywhere, occupying a deserted cinema, stealing goods from stores, and forming a gang on streets like true gang members.

Lopburi in Thailand is known as the city of monkeys.

In the past, Lopburi is known as a Thailand city with rapidly developing tourism and tourists always feel excited about watching elfish monkeys playing with each other. However, things have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

Tourists have no longer come to Lopburi, the lockdown has still kept taking effect, and there have been almost no humans on streets. That’s a chance for monkeys to overrun every corner in this beautiful city.

Lopburi Monkey Thailand
However, these animals seem to become the governor of this city.


Monkeys Thailand

It is estimated that about 6000 monkeys are wandering in Lopburi. They even occupy a deserted cinema and are ready to attack any ‘invader’, especially those who dare to chase off them.

Things become peak as the local residents came out an idea which is supposed to help ease these aggressive monkeys: feed them with sweet stuff. However, it turns out to be completely different from what they think. After receiving more energies, monkeys have become more addicted to sex and more violent. They fight with each other to win partners and as a result, they have rapidly born new babies. The uncontrollable increase in the number of monkeys is the main reason for the chaos of this Thailand city.

Thailand Monkey Buffet Lopburi Temple
Feeding them with sweet stuff makes them more violent and addicted to sex.

Many residents have no choice but to stay at home because they have no longer been the owners of Lopburi. Kuljira Taechawattanawanna, a resident from Lopburi, said that they have now lived in a cage while monkeys are wandering outside. The waste of these animals is found everywhere.

Accordingly, the number of monkeys in this city has increased double in just two recent years and the residents in Lopburi have been in hot water as witnessing a countless number of fights and troubles caused by these animals.

The Lopburi city has now set up a plan to sterilize them to limit their uncontrollable reproduction.