Almost twenty-five years have passed since the original Mortal Kombat was adapted into a movie. Ever since Mortal Kombat 1995 has been pretty much the gold standard for movies adapted from video games. New works of this kind are few and far between, however, as Hollywood managed to screw up most video game franchises they tried to adapt.

Mk Ludi E1565967397747
Ludi Lin as Liu Kang

Based on the teaser tweet from the actor who is playing Liu Kang in the 2021 reboot, the movie has finally wrapped production. The movie is likely to be in a good position, as both the cast and production lineup is very experienced. The producer of the film is James Wan, the same person who did 2018’s blockbuster Aquaman, along with Saw, Dead Silence and The Conjuring.

Mortal Kombat 1995 Cast
The original cast of Mortal Kombat 1995

The cast of Mk 2021 is filled with established and trending actors, with Joe Taslim and Hiroyuki Sanada as Sub-Zero and Scorpion respectively. The main character, Liu Kang, is played by Ludi Lin, Marvel’s new Shang Chi. His debut was the Black Ranger role in the 2017 reboot of Power Rangers.

Hiroyuki Sanada from "The Last Samurai" would play Scorpion

Lin wasn’t the only cast member who posted about the movie. Below is his video tweet, containing a picture of him as Liu Kang with flaming hands. The image is covered by ices, along with a tag named "Game Over". This is probably a reference to the realm of Sub-Zero that was teased previously.

The teaser tweet from the lead actor

This would also mean that Liu Kang would probably be facing Sub-Zero in the movie, using his signature fireball move to deal with Sub-Zero's ice. It is a good thing that the supernatural aspects of the series is focused on more - as the previous adaptation was rather lacking in that aspect (mostly due to the low budget).

Mortal Kombat 2021 would be released on January 15. Interested in more articles related to Mortal Kombat? Please check out this post for the top 10 most powerful characters in Mortal Kombat.