Nancy Cartwright is an America actress and voice actor. She is known for voicing Bart Simpson in the “The Simpson Series and she won a Prime Emmy Award in this role. In addition to the Simpson, she also provides her voice for many other animated series and film, includes Rufus the Mole-rat in Kim Possible series. Rufus is a mole-rat that Ron found in his way accidentally. In the films, Rufus proves itself to be very helpful. It can complete many missions that no human can do like sneaking in through a lock or a pipe.

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Rufus the naked Mole-rat and Nancy Cartwright

Let’s take a first look at Cartwright doing her role as Rufus in Kim Possible movie. You will see how she gives her voice to Rufus more clearly.

Kim Possible the movie is created based on the very famous franchise Kim Possible from Disney. This is stories about a high school girl Kim and her sidekick Ron Stoppable fighting back against villains Drakken and Shego and save the world. By their side is a tech-genius Wade, who helps them to predict the enemies' moves and has an advantage over them. Additionally, they also get help from Athena, Kim’s big fan who always love to help and Rufus, the naked Mole-rat, who is very wise and sassy. However, fighting against evils seem to be easier for Kim and Ron than adapting to their school life, especially Kim. While Drakken and Shego are still hiding and preparing for their new plans, Kim has to rely on their friend to balance her heroin life and daily life. How can they do that? You will get the answer soon.

Ron and Kim in live-action version and in an animated series

Kim Possible live-action will be screened on Disney Chanel on February 15