Are you looking for something that is both high-quality and high-definition to watch starting this weekend? High-quality and high-definition don't always come cheap, but Netflix India is letting you experience its library at HD quality for all subscription plans. That means Mobile and Basic users can enjoy beautiful pictures, too!

Netflix Mobile Basic Plan HD Video Quality
Even Mobile and Basic subscribers can now enjoy HD Quality

The Mobile plan currently stands at Rs 199 and the Basic plan costs Rs 499. And now, they can all support 720p HD quality pictures as the Standard plan. Apparently, Netflix India sneaked this change through without notice.

Previously, Mobile and Basic subscribers could only watch at 480p Standard Definition. Standard and Premium plans remain the same with Standard keeping its HD perk and Premium its 4K/HDR quality. Netflix has indicated that they are at a testing phase for this change and it's not yet official.

Common Netflix tactic to introduce new perks and features

It's a common tactic for Netflix in India and also internationally to test out new perks, features, and plans for users. With this new perk for lower-level plans, it is trying out different ways to entice people to pick the platform over its competitors in India.

Netflix India library
A diverse library of shows and movies is now available at HD for all subscribers

“We are always looking for ways in which to make the Netflix experience more immersive and enjoyable for our members. At the moment, this is a test, and might not be rolled out widely,” said the platform's spokesman.

You might have noticed that Netflix recently tried to get people to sign up by offering its first month for only Rs 5. First-time subscribers to any one of the plans only have to pay Rs 5, including Premium. There is now also a Top 10 trending shows and movies on the platform to help you find the best entertainment right away.

Netflix India Price Hotstar
Hotstar is a major competitor against Netflix thanks to its price

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