New year means a new ranked season in League of Legends (LoL)– a famous online MOBA game by Riot Games. Along side with so many changes in the ranking system, Riot Games just published cinematic video tittled “Awaken” to hype up their fan and players.

In the 3.29 minute long animation, Awaken presents many different combat scenes by a lot of most-like LoL champions, who are showing their most iconic skills in the game. This is an extremely high quality cinematic, so you should not miss it, or only watch it once. In the clip we can see:

  1. Jhin faces Camille in an abandon theater, where he has set up numerous lotus traps waiting for her and her army.
  2. A fight between Riven and Draven in an amphitheater (a gladiator arena), seemingly in Noxus.
  3. An attack of Noxus – led by Sion – to Ionia, which is being stopped by Ionia people and Ionian champions: Irelia, Karma, Akali, Kennen and Yasuo.

The clip is carefully prepared, including but not limited to graphic and music aspects. In this video, not only the fighting scenes and the skills of champions, but also the facial expression of the champions are carefully invested, which we can easily enjoy from the clip. About the music of the cinematic, an outstanding combination between Riot Games’ music team and Alex “Mako” Seaver, a famous American DJ and singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, resulted the amazing song for Awaken, which later was beautifully performed by Valerie Broussard, an American woman singer.

This is not the first time Riot Games releases thrilling cinematic like this. They have a collection of great cinematics like this to promote their game. Riot Games even has a cinematic featuring well-known LoL pro players to promote their 2018 LoL World Championship and a music video featuring a digital K-pop band named K/DA (the band has 4 LoL champions: Ahri, Evelynn, Kai’sa and Akali)

Shortly after its publishing, Awaken hits more than 11 million views in less than 2 days and receives a lot of compliments from famous streamers.