Pokémon is finally going to real life in the forthcoming movie named Detective Pikachu. The live-action is hoped to show us how the real world would be if these creatures wander around in daily life.


Deadpool Ryan Reynolds voices the iconic Pikachu in Detective Pikachu.

And for the record, this is going to be super realistic Pokémon. Like the hairy Pikachu that surprises every fan in the first trailer. Yes, many people haven’t noticed that Pikachu might have hair until it appears in the live-action. So when it comes to the footage of the movie, many Pokémon look less cartoony. This means in the live-action they would look less adorable and maybe a bit scary, given the fact that even in the cartoon, not all the Pokémon were cute.

In the new footage, another Pokémon is revealed called Lickitung. Lickitung has a round and pink body and a powerful, thick tail. Yet the signature point of this Pokémon is its tongue. With the length of over 6’6’’ (2m), Lickitung’s tongue is two times longer than itself and even longer than a normal person! In the Detective Pikachu, Lickitung appears in a scene with its tongue wagging.


Lickitung with its weird tongue is as horrifying as you can think of.

If you are feeling unsure about this, don’t worry. There are still other characters with an attractive appearance such as Bulbasaur. This Pokémon with the dinosaur appearance and large garlic-shaped bulb in its back made a stunning presentation in the scene where a herd of it crossing the river. The realistic feeling from its close-up scene shows sign of a promising live-action to enjoy.


Bulbasaur shows off its hyper-realistic look with exotic eyes and skin.

Detective Pikachu showcased a new world where instead of doing battle, Pokémon solve crimes. This first live-action/CGI Pokémon movie is scheduled to be released on May 10, 2019, in RealID 3D.