After the “phenomenon” Eimi Fukada in 2019, there have been a lot of newbies to join the AV movie industry in 2020. It is a big pity that they haven’t yet gained the same success as the 1998-born AV actress. However, the year 2020 has witnessed some prominent names to rock the Internet due to their great performance. And Nozomi Ishihara is one of such most potential AV actresses.


Although the number of the AV actresses has kept increasing (over 10k actresses each year), there are just a few newbies to gain success and fame like Yua Mikami, Yui Hatano, or Asuka Kirara. However, the Japan netizens have recently got surprised as knowing Nozomi Ishihara - the 19-year-old girl who has continued to climb up to the first positions on the current charts.

Nozomi Ishihara was born in 2001 and joined the adult movie industry in June 2020. With a beautiful face, sexy body, and gracious personality, the young AV actress has rapidly drawn huge attention from the netizens and even been compared to seniors. Furthermore, she has also taken the spotlight because she has monthly produced over 10 movies, leading to a new fever in this industry.

Nozomi 1

In the three months of mid-2020, the AV actress continued to hold the first position on the charts of the adult platforms. Realizing her huge attention, even many big studios in the AV industry have invited her to join their new projects. In the past, Nozomi Ishahara is just a free actress who receives a relatively low salary. However, Moodyz - one of the largest AV producers in Japan - has shown their hands to Nozomi via a very lucrative deal.

At present, she has started to develop her personal branding more than ever. She also begins to work as a photo model for some events, release picture books, and more. Although it’s not easy to guess how far she will go, Nozomi Ishihara is one of the most outstanding newbies in 2020.

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