Nintendo has officially crushed Bowsette, a character that was last year’s online phenomenon.

In 2018, when Nintendo said that there would be a new item called the Super Crown in the Super Mario Bros. U version on Switch. When Toadette put this crown on, she would turn into Peachette, a character that shares some features with Princess Peach. This new item had made fans run wild, and it received positive reactions from them. The problem here is, what they expect was for Bowser to wear it and become a seductive princess.

Some people create their own version of Bowsette

This whole Bowsette thing started last year when Haniwa, a Twitter user published a comic strip that illustrates Bowser wears the Super Crown and transform himself. Since then, the Internet went bananas about this.

People shared their ideas of what Princess Bower should look like. The list ranges from a curvaceous redhead, a diva with fangs, to a warrior who looks like Akuma. Others used this chance to further develop their own stories or recall past events. Some of them were the incident when Bowser was gender-swapped into Bowletta or discussion on how Super Mria and Princess Yoshi might look like. Just so you know how things had been with the idea of the Super Crown.

Even Haniwa was taken aback by the scale of the effect that the comic had caused. Sometimes what makes you famous is something you never expect.

Only Toadette can use the Super Crown

The game changer here was the official website for Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe which listed the Super Crown as an item that is exclusively for Toadette, which means only she can make use of its power. So gone the imaginary images of other characters wearing the crown or Bowser becoming Bowsette.

That is not all. This description is with an apology that addresses Luigi, which is considered a troll for fans of Bowsette.