Imagine a meeting of all men where one of them comes up with a challenge peculiar to the male gender to prove something: not to masturbate in a month, specifically in November. "No Nut November" is not a new law, but a challenge that was launched, presumably in the United States, and which has gained a little bit more attention every year since it was first conceived.

No Nut November: What You Need To Know About Origins, Rules, Benefits

Contrary to other existing challenges, your goal is not to fight for a cause by raising awareness for prostate cancer or male reproductive health or anything like that, but so far has remained a personal endeavor which you may complete however you want.

It is not clear how #NoNutNovember was born, but what we do know is that it is an act inspired by the well-known #NoShaveNovember, which dictates that you do not have to shave throughout the month. The challenge, which was launched around 2017 on the Reddit forum and made its way to the rest of the World Wide Web, returns this November.

The theory suggests that the idea of ​​not masturbating during the 30 days of the 11th month originated from the No Fap subreddit, where a group of people "comes" together to deal with their addiction to porn and s.e.x.

The "Rules" of No Nut November

According to the rules, which obviously are nothing official or contractual except with your own self, the challenge consists of avoiding ejaculation for a month. More specifically, to stop masturbating or to stop having relationships that end with ejaculation.

No Nut November: What You Need To Know About Origins, Rules, Benefits

The first and most basic of ​​No Nut November rules is the total prohibition of having s.e.x, masturbating or ejaculating in any way. The second rule allows you to view pornography as long as you do not ejaculate. Finally, you are "allowed" a single involuntary ejaculation in the entire month, as long as it occurs through a wet dream.

No Nut November: What You Need To Know About Origins, Rules, Benefits

Usually symbolized with an eggplant, an emoji that has become representative of the male s.e.xual organ, and a stain crossed out with a forbidden sign, this viral movement has been gaining followers. In fact, we can see on Twitter the hasthtag #nonutnovember featuring participants who do not hesitate to publish the everyday development and their mood (and, sometimes, frustration) since the day they began their voluntary abstinence on November 1.

But what exactly are the goals of this challenge? What are the benefits of ​​No Nut November? If Urban Dictionary can tell us something, it's this:

An ancient ritual that must be performed by one man every thousand years. This man must have a will stronger than any other, and must defy his destiny of being a common man to save all of humanity.

This man must control his primal urges, to go without nutting for the entire month of November. This man is you, Dankuya. Defy your destiny and save humanity, the fate of the world rests in your hands.

No Nut November: What You Need To Know About Origins, Rules, Benefits

If you fulfill this goal and go ejaculation-free during the 30 days, you will be a "winner" and earn the direct pass to #DestroyDickDecember, a parody of #NoNutNovember that involves masturbating or having s.e.x the number of times according to the calendar days in that month. That is, "doing it" once on December 1, twice on the 2nd and so on until New Year's Day after you've done it 31 times in 24 hours on the last day.

No Nut November: What You Need To Know About Origins, Rules, Benefits

And this is where the speculations come in: Some people wonder if Destroy Dick December is an invention of the p.o.rnographic websites to recover a potential drop in viewers after November, or if the event is a silly joke for the production of new memes and internet humor.

Of course, if we are actually serious about the health implications of this challenge, then one of the main arguments on the subreddit defending this challenge is that men who refrained from ejaculating for days saw large spikes in their testosterone levels.

Health Benefits and Risks of Doing No Nut November

But we need to ask more than just ourselves or the self-proclaimed experts about the possible consequences that No Nut November could have.

No Nut November: What You Need To Know About Origins, Rules, Benefits

Although no study has yet to demonstrate the danger of such a month-long withdrawal from s.e.x or masturbation, the opinions of professionals differ greatly to the goal of this movement. Dr. Chris Donaghue, a sexologist in Los Angeles, USA has made clear his disapproval of No Nut November to the Huffington Post with this message: "I say, jerk off more, lots more!"

According to him, masturbation is accompanied by numerous health benefits. It allows, among other things, to strengthen the pelvic muscles, improve erectile and cardiac functions, and reduce the risks of prostate cancer.

No Nut November: What You Need To Know About Origins, Rules, Benefits

However, unlike him, Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, a urologist in Florida, supports the idea of ​​No Nut November for more psychological reasons. "Refraining from ejaculation via s.e.x or masturbation is more an exercise in mind control. The time and energy you may be committing to your next Tinder date or watching porn is shifted to your other daily tasks or life goals."

Dr. Brahmbhatt does recognize that p.o.rn addiction is a real phenomenon and does affect men's health. “I have several men with this problem that we work on slowly to ween them off and get them back to the realities of s.e.x and masturbation," he said.

And once you are done with this "challenge", don't forget that the meme zeitgeist lets you come back for more by making you ejaculate no less than 496 times during the month of December for #DestroyDickDecember.

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