NVIDIA  just released a video teasing their next-gen 'Ampere' GeForce GPU, the world’s largest graphics card. The video features their CEO Jen-Hsun "Jensen" Huang as he reveals the new NVIDIA GPU by taking it out from... the oven. Baking your GPU is one way to save your GPU, now it is a way to born a new one.

They sure know how to heat up the hype for their new product. You can check out the video below.

The GPU was planned to be introduced at the GTC 2020 Keynote on May 14th. NVIDIA has been really discrete about their next-gen GPU and nothing has been revealed apart from this video. But if you are a casual user, you don't have to bother much about this release because this GPU will mostly be used for high-performance computing workstations and not for gaming.

nvidia gpu
NVIDIA is trying their best to make up for their GeForce RTX 20-series bad performance

However, this GPU is an important key of NVIDIA in their race with AMD. They already lost the 7nm race, and not they can't wait to take a step ahead. The GeForce RTX 20-series introduce ray-tracing technology but they failed to perform better than their GTX 10-series predecessors in games that do not feature ray-tracing, which is most games on the market right now.

Later this year, AMD will feature the ray-tracing technology for the first time in their GPU around the same time as the debut of the next-gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles along with tons of AAA games. We are going to expect a big competition between these two to see who can take over the GPU market.

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