70,000 INR donation is a big gift that can leave many streamers surprised and amazed. LENivayaAya, a Twitch streamer from Russia was left speechless when an audience sent her a giant donation of over 70,000 INR.

Sonya ‘LENivayaAya’ became popular on Twitch for dancing and chatting with the audience on her channel. Like many other streamers, LENivayaAya was calling for donations from the audience to upgrade her PC for better streaming quality. And a wealthy view helped her reach her donation goal by sending her $1000 (over 70,000 INR). It amazed Sonya so much that she couldn’t believe what happened.

Russian Twitch Streamer Sonya Lenivayaaya
Russian Twitch Streamer Sonya 'LENivayaAya'

Russian Twitch Streamer Got Over 70,000 INR Donation

The streamer got the surprise donation right after she had finished her dancing performance and sat down at the computer. The big gift made Sonya so amazed that she could neither believe what she saw nor say any words.

She paused the music and stared at her computer screen in disbelief. It took her a few seconds to realize it’s real. She got 60% of her goal in just seconds thanks to the 70,000 INR donation from the viewer. Sonya repeated asking “What” in both Russian and English, and still couldn’t believe it. After a short while, the streamer said “Thank you very much” to the generous viewer for his big gift.

Generous Donations in Streaming Community

This case of Sonya ‘LENivayaAya’ is not the only huge donations in the streaming community. But it’s also not popular. Over 70,000 INR is a really big sum of money. Like Sonya, many other Twitch streamers got giant donations from generous viewers for their PC goals or good purposes.

Sonya Became Popular For Dancing Content On Twitch
Sonya Became Popular For Dancing Content On Twitch

For example, a popular Twitch gaming streamer known as DrLupo got 16 Crores INR donation from this streaming platform for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The huge donations also proved the high-quality content on the mainstream of these streamers.