We are living in the era of technology, and the technology itself has some harms to our health already. There have been many scientific types of research on how technology affects our lives and our health conditions, and most of them show the negative effect of technology on our health.

Technology is a part of our life now

Those researches led to a common belief that spending time in front of a screen too much, especially before going to sleep, is harmful to our health. This seemingly is the universal truth. However, a new study from the Internet Institute of the University of Oxford has just denied that belief.

Teen On Computer
Using technology does not do bad on your health

This study claimed that there is really little evidence of a connection between the health conditions of a person with how much they spend in front of a screen. This is even true for the teenager. This study claimed that its result comes from the data of over 17,000 teenagers.

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Using phone before sleeping is fine

This study had a different approach from other studies’. This time, researchers from the OII focused on the teenagers in the US, UK, and Ireland. They have measured both the physical and mental conditions of the teenagers and no impact from the number of time spent in front of screens on the health of the attendees of the study

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Not much effect on the health by the technology