A Scottish porn star, who calls herself 'Hindu goddess', has allegedly hammered on a couple's windows and doors, while stalked them for 7 months. Vineeta Whyte, 39-year-old, is a mother-of-one, also accused of shouting racist slurs outside the couple's home in Livingston, West Lothian.

Vineeta Whyte
Vineeta Whyte is accused of harassing and stalking them a couple

The former stripper and club singer makes a constant appearance at Aref and Dorothy Tashnizi's home between 15 January and 25 July 2020. The prosecution says Whyte shouted and bashed the couple's doors and windows as well as posted notes through their letterbox.

Vineeta Whyte 2
She banged on their doors, windows, and sent notes in their letterbox

Whyte, who self-claim to be "Hindu Goddess" on Facebook, did not show up to answer the charge at Livingston Sheriff Court on Tuesday. The case against her continued without a plea afterward. A second allegation of breaching the communal peace by shouting, swearing, and using racist remarks in the street inside her home neighborhood in Blackburn, West Lothian, also continued without a plea.

Vineeta Whyte 3
Vineeta Whyte calls herself "Hindu Goddess"

Whyte said in an earlier hearing that she was not aware that racist behaviors count as a statutory breach of the peace. Recently, she was accused of displaying threatening and abusive behavior in the street outside her home in East Nelson Court, Blackburn, on June 23.

Vineeta Whyte 4
She was also accused of displaying racist and threatening behaviors

The mother-of-one was advised to get a lawyer because the courts found the racist element of her charge serious. In 2016, Whyte made headlines when claimed she was engaged to former death row Scot Kenny Richey, even though he was still married then.

Vineeta Whyte 5
Whyte claims that she has intimate relationships with many famous stars

Three years later in 2019, she claimed to have exchanged intimate messages and private photos online with married Dancing on Ice star Mark Little. Whyte said she started sending sexual messages to the 59-year-old Australian soap star, after reportedly adding him as a friend on Facebook.

Vineeta Whyte 6
Even Eminem and Robbie Williams appear on her list of self-claimed affair

Whyte has also previously claimed to have an intimate relationship with rapper Eminem and popstar Robbie Williams.