Coronavirus outbreak is developing out of control in the world. But someone is making jokes about it and looking down on their health and lives. Some Tiktok users spread a new challenge known as Licking Toilet. It made a lot of people around the world get angry. Check it out here with

Tiktok Challenge: Licking Toilet 

This weird and disgusting challenge is said to be life-threatening by experts. The Mirror press reported that a monstrous challenge has become viral on Tiktok, one of the most popular social media in the world now. It made lots of people worried and angry. 

In specific, a Tiktok user uploaded a video featuring her licking toilet on a plane. Then, she challenged others to lick any public things and surfaces. According to Piers Morgan from GMB, a man accepted this challenge and licked a toilet. Then, he was hospitalized for coronavirus treatment. 

He Licked Toilet Seat And Was Hospitalized For Cor
He licked toilet seat and was hospitalized for coronavirus treatment

Moreover, a man from England shared some video clips of him licking car doors and other surfaces. One of those videos attracted over 10 lakh viewers.

The authorities and experts call this silly challenge an irresponsible action. While the governments, officials, and people around the world are struggling with this pandemic, what are those silly individuals doing? 

Many Tiktok User Accepted This Disgusting Challeng
Many Tiktok user accepted this disgusting challenge

However, the challenge creator even denied her fault in spreading this idiot thing. She said to Metro that if her challenge made others get coronavirus infection, that was due to them.

Now, Tiktok confirmed that they deleted all contents related to “Coronavirus challenge”. The spokesman of this app claimed that this idiot challenge violated the standard of this social network. The publisher deletes all contents related to it. 

Doctors And Health Officers Are Working Hard To Fi
Doctors and health officers are working hard to fight coronavirus

Meanwhile, NHS England was angry with this irresponsible and silly action. Nikki Kanani said this challenge was an irresponsible and nonsense thing. She added NHS staff are working days and nights without resting to fight coronavirus. But some people could even not think of the danger of what they do.