At least three 5G towers were burned in the UK because people thought these towers were spreading coronavirus. BBC reported that three 5G towers in Birmingham, Liverpool, and Melling in the Merseyside region. Check out this story here with

British Set 5G Towers On Fire As Linking It To Coronavirus Spread

Many people in the UK believed that 5G towers are sources of coronavirus spread in this country. The local police officers are investigating the incident and finding the culprits. But according to The Verge, the cause of this incident is fake news. 

Fake News Destroyed 5g Towers
Many people in the UK believed that 5G towers are sources of coronavirus spread

The fake news is spreading in some groups on Facebook and Nextdoor social networks in England. Thousands of people believe that 5G towers are spreading the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 from Wuhan. Besides, this city is one of the first places to launch 5G services in the world. 

Relying on it, some fake news blamed these 5G towers for spreading COVID-19. Those people said 5G towers brought COVID-19 from Wuhan to other countries which also use 5G internet. Believing this fake news, many people in the UK set 5G towers in their country on fire. 

Fake News Made Several 5g Towers To Be Burnt In Uk
At least three 5G towers were set on fire in the UK

Michael Gove, Head of British Cabinet Board, opened a press meeting and told people that coronavirus spread didn’t cause coronavirus spread. He added that those actions of burning 5G towers are really dangerous. People shouldn’t believe in those fake news that is incorrect.

COVID-19 is a type of respiratory disease that spreads among people through close contact. The viruses are carried by the droplets of infected people. If those droplets containing SARS-CoV-2 fall into our eyes, noses, or mouth, the viruses will enter our bodies.

Uk 5g Tower Corona
5G towers didn't cause coronavirus spread

Moreover, if we use our hands to touch our eyes, noses, or mouths after touching those droplets, we also get infected with COVID-19. Therefore, we need to take precautions and follow coronavirus prevention instructions of the governments and health officers.