Nowadays, there have been lots of successful perfume brands attached to the trademarks of celebrities such as singers, models, or footballers. And it may be what Jammie Nicholas aimed at as he decides to produce his own perfume brand, although he is not a celebrity at all.

Jammie Nicholas
Jammie Nicholas.

The art student has reportedly created a new-gen perfume product with the most unique ingredients: made-by-himself dung and urine. His product called Surplus is now sold at $50 (about Rs 3,700) for each bottle at a showroom in London.

The unique perfume made from Jammie’s waste has received lots of mixed opinions from the customers. Some feel terrible about it while others express their interest in this second-to-none product.

Dung Perfume
Surplus Perfume is made from Jammie's dung and urine.

According to a customer, many customers feel impressed by Surplus’s fragrance because it is exciting and strong. However, some immediately turn away as being invited to give a try.

Jammie also revealed that his inspiration for Surplus came from “The History of Shit”, a book written by French writer Dominique Laporte. The book mentions how people use perfume to hide their body odor and dung can be used as an ingredient to make cosmetics. Since that moment, Jammie has begun to think about the feasibility of manufacturing perfume by his odor.

Jammie just smiled and said that he just used it in private places.

He has carried out some research and had talks with experts and scientists. And then, he knows that particles in the stink and fragrance are the same, and the difference comes from the density or concentration.

About 99% of the Surplus perfume is made from dung, urine, and seborrhea in Jammie’s skin and hair. He learns by himself how to distill ingredients at home via a water extractor and then refine the fragrance to complete the final product with a more pleasant scent.


Jammie said that after the first distillation, his perfume had the stink just like what everyone thinks about this kind of perfume. However, the final product is much more impressive and stronger than any other product in the world. In addition to Surplus, some of his other products also show his interest in topics relating to toilets.

In an interview with Vice, he revealed that it took him about a week to distill the essential oil from raw ingredients. To cope with the initial stink, he had to hold his nose and open the doors to keep the air clean. Even his roommate had to leave temporarily to the other place in some days.

When mentioning the price of his perfume, Jammie said that it is the average price for a perfume bottle with a volume of 60ml on the current market. In terms of its name, he revealed that he didn’t want to call it by a completely French name to add more flashiness for his product. And there is no difference in the word “Surplus” in both English and French. That’s why he chose this name.

When being asked whether he has used his own product, Jammie just smiled and said that he just used it in private places.

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