It is common for beautiful girls or hot girls to have some lovely pets such as dogs or cats. At present, even mice, geese, or pigs also become their dear pets. However, Naimi, a popular hot girl, makes the netizens surprised by her pets - colorful parrots.

Hot girl Naimi often appears along with her cute parrots.

Hot girl Naimi is famous for her beautiful appearance and sexy body. And now, the netizens love calling her hot girl in big love with birds. The nickname comes from a series of photos on her private page. Colorful parrots always appear on her photos and park at some “sensitive positions” on her body even when the hot girl is striking a sexy pose or showing lovely gestures. It seems that these birds feel happy and satisfied with their owner: they always give positive reactions to her.

In recent days, there has been a considerable increase in the number of photos on social networks. The hot girl has received more attention than ever. It’s not surprising that her lovely little friends have become popular on the Internet. That’s why many fans even express their jealousy of her lucky birds.

Naimi 1

There are now nearly 80k followers on her private page. Besides her photos along with parrots, Naimi often uploads her photos in daily life. Of course, she always knows how to show off her alluring body in these photos, even when she wears modest or sleazy dresses.

After her photos of her lovely pets have been uploaded on forums and social networks, Naimi has made more powerful impressions on the netizens and the number of her followers has kept surging. With her prominent appearance, the hot girl must soon become popular on the Internet.

Naimi 2

Naimi 3

Naimi 4

Naimi 5

Naimi 6

Naimi 7

Naimi 8

Naimi 9

Naimi 10

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