The long battle between the Bollywood corporation T-Series and the king of Youtube Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg may have found the winner. In recent time, T-Series has crossed Pewdiepie in the number of subscribers. Although Pew managed to come back a few times, that was not enough.

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The battle between these 2 big names may have ended

For recent days, T-Series’ number of subscribers grows with the incredible speed and has surpassed Pewdiepie’s number of subscribers with a safe distance. This makes the king of Youtube accepted the fact that he has been defeated and he should give the crowd to the new king of Youtube.

T Series Pewdiepie Sub Gap March 31
On March 31st, T-Series sits at over 100,000 subscribers above PewDiePie

That is the reason why the former king of Youtube decided to do another music video about T-Series. This is not the first time Pewdiepie come up with the decision. In the past, he has published “Bitch Lasagna” to mock T-Series, and this song even has two versions. The first version of the song is still currently the most viewed video of Pewdiepie – it is sitting at 169 million views.

However, in this video, this Youtubers mocks the Bollywood in a more gentle manner since he has obviously lost the battle. This song – named “Congratulations” – can be considered as the official statement from Pewdiepie that T-Series has won the battle with him.

However, Pew still keeps his style in this video: he mockingly “congratulated” T-Series on their victory, placing emphasis on the label’s status as a mega-corporation and even claiming that they’d gained their success with shady business practices.

“...All it took/ was a massive corporate entity with every song in Bollywood,” Pew rapped. “Now you’re at number one, hope you did nothing wrong/ Like starting your business by selling pirated songs.”

PewDiePie continued to jokingly blame T-Series’ CEO, Bhushan Kumar, of tax evasion and having relationships with the Indian mafia (although he clearly said in the song that they were all jokes, but we all know what he truly meant). This video was made by Pew and two other famous YouTubers “Boyinaband” and “Roomie.” According to Boyinaband, T-Series’ had actually sent PewDiePie a cease and desist letter, although he would let Pew talk about that topic in his next videos himself.

Despite the loss, some Pew fans have no intention to quit. Some of them are even founding the “International PewDiePie Day” campaign in an attempt to win the race to the 100 million subscriber milestone for Pew.

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