Similar to many on the Internet, the king of YouTube, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg is now obsessed with Keanu Reeves after the actor showed up at E3 2019 with a memetic appearance. The streamer didn’t merely make a ‘Meme Review’ video about the lead of John Wick but a lot more. The YouTuber not only uploaded a ‘Meme Review’ about Reeves, in which he gave every meme about the actor a perfect ten but also posted one more video on June 17 to discuss the John Wick star.

In the second video, PewDiePie dug deep into the life story of Keanu Reeves, noting that he had been through rough experiences in the past, which brought him to the current stardom in the industry. During his youth, Reeves’s relationship with his parents was somewhat troublesome. When the star was only three years old, his father left his family while his mother got married several times, letting babysitters and nannies take care of the child.

Keanu Reeves has suffered a lot in his life

When everything seemed to be happy as his girlfriend, Jennifer Syme was expecting a baby, the child was stillborn. Two years later, the girlfriend of the actor died in an accident. Meanwhile, his sister spent her life fighting against Leukemia and eventually beat the disease. It was the reason why the YouTuber decided to contribute all of the profits from his video to the Leukemia Research Foundation – along with a personal reason from his life.

“It’s where Keanu donated a lot of money,” said PewDiePie. “His sister went through Leukemia, and she survived. It took my grandad. I thought that could be a nice ending to it, and have a nice Keanu effect.”

PewDiePie also mentioned that the person who heckled Keanu during his speech at E3 was offered an early Cyberpunk 2077’s copy. However, the heckler turned down that offer, and instead, he asked the developers of the game to give to charity.

Previously, the YouTube king has many times donated to charity. In December last year, the Sweden streamer host a charity event for ‘Child Rights and You’ – an organization that is based in India to help struggling kids. The initial goal of PewDiePie of £150,000 was quickly surpassed, reaching more than $246,000 in the middle of his battle with T-Series for the crown of the most subscribed channel on YouTube.