The race on Youtube between the Bollywood corporation T-Series and the king of Youtube PewDiePie – or the ex-king now – has had some very interesting movements. Thanks to the law actions that T-Series took, the number of subscribers of Youtube channel of T-Series has surpassed PewDiePie with a very safe lead.

Pewdiepie Admits T Series Defeat 100 Million Subs
Pew is being led by T-Series again, and this time the lead is huge

This came all the way from the music video ‘Congratulations’ by Pew. This Youtuber had been led by T-Series by 80000 subscribers at that moment, so he released this diss track as a mocking way to congratulate T-Series with this victory of it. Little did Pew know that this music video of him would help him reclaim the number one spot on Youtube platform.

However, T-Series was not happy with this success of Pew. And obviously Pewdiepie has used a lot of mean jokes and some unsure accusations on this corporation, so it took legal action against Pew and the music video for “defamatory, disparaging, insulting, and offensive” content. They have been pursuing an alleged court order with the Delhi High Court.

Delhi High Court Alleged Court Order Pewdiepie
The legal action by T-Series

T-Series demands that both two music videos – Bitch Lasagna and Congratulations – of Pew will be erased from Youtube. This 2 diss tracks have a direct connection with T-Series, and Pew has had insulting words for this Bollywood corporation in both music videos.

Of course, we still can see these 2 music videos on Youtube, but the Indian people cant. Both Bitch Lasagna and Congratulations have been banned away from Indian Youtube.

And this is not the only good news for T-Series. Right after the ban on these 2 music videos of Pew, the number of subscribers for T-Series on Youtube started to rise dramatically, and it has quickly surpassed that Pew on Youtube with a major lead. Right now T-Series is having a lead of more than 150,000 subscribers against Pewdiepie. And this number does not seem to stop.

Screenshot 3
The current situation of the race

Congratulations has been another successful music video of Pew. It has gathered for Pew 81 million views at the moment because fans of Pewdiepie welcome it very much, the same way they welcome Bitch Lasagna