The on-going battle between the Bollywood corporation (also the new king of Youtube now) T-Series and Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg is coming to an end (for good this time). Just recently, Pew has uploaded a very touching clip on his Youtube channel (again).

The clip this time is actually quite serious and touching. In this four-minute-long clip (uploaded on April 28th), the famous Sweden Youtuber declared that he wanted to end the “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” trend that has been viral on the Internet for months.

Subscribe to Pewdiepie

This “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” trend has been the main weapon of Pew in the battle against T-Series. At the time of birth, this meme was intended just to keep Pew at the number one spot on Youtube. But now, it looks like this meme has gone out of control, so Pew wants to put a stop to it.

This “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” trend has so many forms, even turned into many memes, but until recently this trend has shown many negative effects of its. Some crazy fans of Pew have damaged the World War II memorial by carving “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” to the memorial. Even more terrible, the shooter in the Christchurch shooting in New Zealand has said “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” before committing his horrible crime.

Pewdiepie Memorial Youtube Tseries
The damaged memorial


This might be the end of a meme that lasted nearly seven months. Not sure this is the end of the battle between these 2 Youtube giants or not, but we are all glad that it happens. This meme trend has been too much that it caused some “disasters” for society. Perhaps it should be ended for good now.