Mao Do Yo is one of the most popular pilates trainers in the network community in Korea. Her Instagram page has now attracted more than 143k followers and this figure has kept increasing day by day. With her perfect body proportions and stunning beauty, Do Yo is also known as the most beautiful pilates teacher in Korea.

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Apart from teaching pilates, Mao Do Yo works as a photo model for beauty and health magazines. She is a familiar face of many renowned fashion brands.

In the past, this pilates teacher used to lose control of her weight, and her body had many weak points such as belly fat and imbalance. Mao Do Yo said that she made a lot of mistakes when trying to fast to lose weight - a common formula that girls use with the hope to become more beautiful in a short time.

To regain a slim body, she decides to adjust her diet menu and follow pilates and pole dance exercises, so that she can burn calories more effectively and enhance body endurance.

Pilates Teacher

The pilates teacher believes that losing weight is a long process and it is necessary to apply scientific exercise methods. Instead of fasting as before, she started to read and look for healthy foods, and do exercises more hard-working. Mao Do Yo feels proud that after her efforts, she successfully controls her body and pilates is her perfect choice.

She has made a lot of people admire her due to her toned waist and sexy body. On her private page, she doesn’t hesitate to show off her stunning body via the latest sexy bikinis.

Besides designing pilates exercises, Mao Do Yo has focused on building and developing her private channel. Her channel mainly provides videos of sharing healthy diets, beauty tips, travel, and experiences.

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