Imane Anys (a.k.a Pokimane) is a Twitch streamer and toxicity on Twitch is something she’s very familiar with. She had the chance to talk about the issue of toxicity in a podcast just a few days ago.

Pokimane - a Moroccan Canadian Twitch streamer, plays mostly League of Legends and Fortnite on stream.

Pokimane's opinions

It was the ‘OfflineTV Podcast’ on Mar 31st where she appeared and discussed how popular Twitch streamers manage the potentially toxic in their stream chat. According to Pokimane, some famous streamers refuse to control their audience just to maintain their high viewership. This definitely led to widespread toxicity within their communities and all over the Twitch chat.

Here’s the podcast for you to check out yourself. (topic starts at 25:30)

Pokimane mentioned the issue: Just because a more selective stream will lead to a smaller viewership, a lot of streamers would ignore toxicity to grow the channel. She also said that Twitch’s viewership includes lots of fans of “edgy” content. Because of that, some streamers even cater to such to attract more viewers.

The Greekgodx incident

Pokimane then brought up a Twitch incident on Mar 27th, featuring Greekgodx. The streamer encountered a female player playing a roleplaying stream of GTA V that got worse soon after.

After robbing the female player and making her cry, toxic viewers of Greekgodx started to raid her stream and filled the chat with unacceptable waves of insults. The fact that she was sobbing in her own stream really heated up the issue on the platform. It seriously created a negative impact on multiple communities of Twitch and simply is unacceptable.

Streamer Mychal Jefferson (a.k.a Trihex) is among those who showed sympathy toward the female in a podcast. However, Overwatch pro player Felix Lengyel (a.k.a xQc) seemed to mock her, alongside a few other female streamers. He said that the issue would get way worse and if she couldn’t take that, it’s better to stay away from the Internet.

Greekgodx later apologized for the toxicity from his community. He also placed chat in 3-month subs mode to make sure such a debacle won’t happen again.

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