Making a name for herself as the most desirable female streamer in the world, Pokimane has a huge fanbase with most of them being single boys who look up to her as an ideal girlfriend. However, it’s not an easy deal to become her boyfriend no matter how impressive your resume is.

Recently, in her Christmas stream, the 24-year-old streamer revealed one among several boyfriends resumes she has received and without any Fall Guys win, the computer science engineer lost his chance of becoming Pokimane’s boyfriend. Keep scrolling down for the full story.

Pokimane Boyfriend
Pokimane rejected a boyfriend application due to his poor performance in Fall Guy

On the Christmas Day lát week, the streamer went on stream, as usual, unboxing her Christmas gifts. Among a lot of special gifts sent to the beautiful streamer is a 4-page letter including a “boyfriend resume” from a male follower. The resume shows off his achievement as the ‘applicant’ who got the top position in computer science in Princeton university class of 2018 and even a QR code which might be for the link to his social media profile.

Pokimane read the letter out loud and admitted that it was quite impressive until she found out that he only got 23 wins in Warzone and zero wins in Fall Guys. “I think it’s gonna have to be a pass from me,” said the streamer. After that, she continued unboxing other gifts from fans around the world.

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It’s not hard to understand while the man is turned down by the most-followed female streamer on Earth. With dull gaming achievements, especially the terrible Fall Guys record, the poor man needs to try harder to gain the attention of Pokimane or any other gamer girl.

In fact, it is not the first time the streamer received bizarre gifts from fans. There are many young single men who asked her to be their girlfriend but the streamer just politely turned down all the questions.

For the unversed, Pokimane has been well-known as the sixth most-followed streamers and the most-followed female streamer on Twitch for a long time.  She is currently having more than 6.7M (0,67) core followers on Twitch, not to mention millions on other social media platforms.

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Pokimane is one of the hottest female streamers in the world with so many male fans
Pokimane Sexy
The streamer turns heads for her stunning appearance
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Twitch streamer Pokimane