Quite a serious tragedy has just been stopped by the police force in UAE when an Indian girl (whose name still remains unknown) tried to commit a suicidal attempt but the police was in time to save her.


A 20-year-old Indian girl who lives in Sharjah, one of the seven countries in United Arab Emirates (UAE), has experience such a terrible depression after receiving a lot of trolling, mocking and even bullying comments on the picture of hers on social media that she planned to end her life. Not only so, she intended to livestream the whole process online, and this is why the police found out.


The Khaleej Times published a report saying that the girl’s life was save thank to the effort of police force in Sharjah as well as in Dubai. The cyber crime guards in Sharjah were awarded by their colleagues in Dubai that there was an uprising of a message in the social media saying about the incident before it happened. Seemingly, this message was transferred by people just to announce each other to see the livestream. When the police force in Sharjah got the message, it was not difficult for them to find out the girl and jump into action to stop her.

Police Line Yellow Tape
The police were in time to stop the girl from crossing the line

Also according to the report, when the police force entered the girl’s room, she was apparently preparing to end her life for good. However, the police managed to calm her down in time and then later on provide her with the psychological helps and guidance that she needs. Her father was certainly really shocked to discover this, especially when the police directly came to his house for this.


This incident again rang the alarm about cyber bullying. In the past we have witnessed numerous cases when a younger who could not bear the cyber bully and then later on end his/her life. This is the worst way not only to solve the problem but also to end a life. It’s time for educators as well as governments all around the world to take serious measures against cyber bully.

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