The popular Indian video streaming service ALTBalaji has announced that it is teaming up with Microsoft and Eko to expand its user base within the country, which has already crossed the 27 million milestone.

This partnership will see ALTBalaji using the new BlendNet technology from Microsoft to allow its subscribers to access more products without having to consume too much mobile data. The way this works is that videos will be transferred to the user’s mobile device via peer-to-peer local Wi-Fi.

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ALTBalaji is a super popular video streaming service that currently has over 27 million users

The idea behind this is to reduce the reliance on mobile data connectivity, which is still too expensive for the majority of Indians. Now, ALTBalaji users can download files from another user who possesses the same file or from an Eko retail store. If neither of those options is available, the download process will be put on pause.

ALTBalaji CEO Nachiket Pantvaidya hopes that this new feature will bring the video streaming service to more people – those who don’t have access to affordable and reliable data. “We aim to attract more viewers to our platform from areas with not-so-good internet connectivity,” he said.

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This new feature will hopefully make ALTBalaji more accessible to users from areas with poor internet connectivity

In another statement, Microsoft India’s COO Meetul Patel describes BlendNet as a “great example” of a new technology being implemented to make content and information more accessible to the general mass, as it reduces the cost of content distribution and addresses the disparity in connectivity.

This is a great example of a new technology being implemented to make content and information more accessible to the general mass

According to Pantvaidya, ALTBalaji currently has the most paying subscribers out of all video streaming services in India at the moment. The service has a price of $1.40 (Rs 100) per 3 months and also comes in bundles offered by telecom providers.