It seems the US even has porn-litics after the famous adult site PornHub encouraged people to cast their vote on Tuesday, November 3 by asking users in the United States if they have voted in order to access the notorious Hub. Users who first enter the site will be greeted with a message asking if the user has voted and if yes, they could enter.

PornHub Asks Users If They Have Voted Before Entering The Adult Website

This was a part of PornHub's latest campaign called "give a F**K" to promote voting in the recent US Presidential election and for US citizens to exercise their duty. According to statistics, the 18+ website has about 95% of users who are eligible to vote in the US.

The social media account of the adult website on Twitter even provided a direct link that points to the nearest polling place, after exhorting people to "give a F**K" in order to "get a F**K" on the Hub after they have done what is required.

PornHub Asks Users If They Have Voted Before Entering The Adult Website

"Election Day is around the corner and we're here to make sure you give a F**K! So on Nov.3, only those who give a F**K will get a F**K on Pornhub!"

Of course, those who did not vote can simply lie when asked by the pop-up message and still be able to access the content of the site since the message itself is only part of a PornHub campaign to stimulate the need to engage in democracy.

"We want to encourage people to do their civic duty this year by casting their ballot and having their voice heard," said Corey Price, vice president of PornHub.

PornHub Asks Users If They Have Voted Before Entering The Adult Website

The social media accounts of various companies across the United States blew up on November 3 with messages asking citizens to vote. After all, voter turnout has always been a problem in the US: Price recalled that 43% of people abstained from voting in 2016 when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton.

The industry itself wasn't the only entity asking people to exercise their political duty on one of the most important dates in the US. Even famous pornstars like Asa Akira and Sovereign Syre have asked Hub visitors to pull up their pants and participate in elections before worrying about their erections.

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