Pornhub's first attempt, Stay Home Hub, to save the world and flatten the curve of coronavirus seems to have succeeded with a great increase amount of traffic from everywhere around the world to the website, especially from India. Now, since the coronavirus outbreak is still fairly serious around the world, they have created their second project to raise awareness of people about washing hands to prevent the spread of the virus.

Scrubhub Thumbnail
Scrubhub is the second project of Pornhub to raise people's awareness about the coronavirus

Their project is called Scrubhub this time. They have created a new website and held a contest for all their models to make videos about washing their hands. Yes, you are not reading it wrong, all the best models of Pornhub will be competing with each other to create their best washing hands videos. All these videos are totally safe-for-work and will only show the hands of the models.

However, it doesn't mean they are boring. The titles of those videos can be really provoking depending on each person's imagination such as "HOT GIRL GOES WILD IN PUBLIC IN PREMIUM POV " or "*MILF ALERT* THIS HOT MOM IS READY TO TURN THE HOT HOT HEAT ON!!!!!!".

Who knows cleaning can be so 'dirty' like this?

Also, thanks to the creativity of the models, you might find some hand cleaning videos a little bit 'dirty'. And once again, I can ensure you that these videos are totally safe with no sexual content whatsoever.

On the website, there are all kinds of categories for you to choose from to find your most favorite type of videos. So if you are wondering about how to wash your hands correctly or need some inspiration, visit Scrubhub and take a look.  But it's still the best to keep your incognito mode on to avoid awkward situations.