PornHub is the most relevant adult content portal on the Internet. Recognized for its wide variety of free and paid content, it has now decided to venture, with all its multimedia potential, into the world of sex education, whose material is consisted of what they do best: explicit videos.

PornHub Surprises Us By Launching Its Own Video Series On Sex Education

However, the adult video site PornHub has often found itself amidst controversies. The platform has been accused of objectifying women and encouraging violence against them, in addition to serving as a page to host content that showed sexual abuse of women and even minors.

On the other hand, there is still the problem of many countries that do not encourage sex education in their educational establishments. Faced with this regrettable lack of knowledge, many young people turn to sites like PornHub to “learn” about sex.

PornHub Surprises Us By Launching Its Own Video Series On Sex Education

Aware of this inconvenience, the company itself decided to be a part of the solution and not causing more problems by launching, quite surprisingly (but also typically), its first series of videos on sex education.

The series was launched through PornHub's Sexual Wellness Center and contains eleven videos on sexual health and relationships.

PornHub Surprises Us By Launching Its Own Video Series On Sex Education

The new channel 'Sex Ed' of PornHub consists of a gallery of videos that explain, via the inputs of professional sexologists, psychologists, therapists, and professional doctors, different topics on sexual well-being, health, hygiene, and couples, all with videos in which real actors "illustrate" the advice and guidance. Therefore, it is NOT content for minors because it is totally explicit and should only be viewed by adults.

In short, the new channel offers videos that explain the sexual anatomy of men and women, advice on safe sexual behavior during the pandemic, on condoms, healthy habits in sexuality, and communication as a couple, among others.

The videos are narrated by licensed sex therapists and doctors and show real anatomy (not of porn actors) and everyday examples to provide accurate information and dispel various myths that exist around sex. The videos also cover topics related to communication, sexually transmitted diseases, and even provide tips for safe sex during the pandemic.

PornHub says that the idea is to be totally direct, frank, and explicit when it comes to solving those questions that nobody wants to ask or are normally faced with a lot of taboo. That is why they use very graphic videos (no cartoons) with real personalities, as well as experts in sexuality who guide the content.

PornHub Surprises Us By Launching Its Own Video Series On Sex Education

It goes without saying that the videos exist within the adult website, whose advertising and other content are exclusively for adults.

"As promised, we are tapping into different platforms and mediums to extend the sexual health information we bring to those who seek our resources," explained Dr. Laurie Betito, director of PornHub's Sexual Wellness Center.

"Many people have questions on how to have sex, so we hope that our video series will provide the visuals that go with those questions," she added. There will be more videos and guidance that come after the initial 11 videos according to Betito.

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