You must have heard about the world’s largest adult entertainment site - Pornhub. It’s the place for both professional adult film producers and amateur users to upload their content. This platform works basically in the same way as that of YouTube, which pays the creators based on views and subscribers. You can find all kinds of XXX content here, from kinky pets to straight-up classic porno, it has them all. But recently, a channel called “NoFaceGirl” has dominated the site’s search bar, becoming one of the hottest performers as of now. 

Pornhub Nofacegirl 1
NoFaceGirl is currently trending on Pornhub search bar

In more detail, a 21-year-old has now officially crowned one of Pornhub’s most-searched stars with her unique content. This amateur performer specializes in home-made videos, solo or with the help of someone else - apparently her boyfriend. What’s more interesting is that she doesn’t show anything else apart from her luscious body, not even the face. That’s why the channel is called “NoFaceGirl”. 

Pornhub Nofacegirl 2
None of her content reveals her face

Despite not having any clue what’s her face looks like, it seems that many users are enjoying her content. Her videos on the world’s largest adult entertainment platform have managed to garner a whopping 270 million (27 crore) views total. This puts her on the 16th spot in the website ranking of amateur filmmakers. The young star has shown the world that she needs no more than her perfectly curvy figure and perky bum to become the center of attention. 

Pornhub Nofacegirl 3
She's an amateur adult filmmaker

If you’re curious about this new mysterious young star, you can check out her Instagram account by the name of “nfgirl69”. But don’t expect too much though, since even on this picture sharing social media platform, you can only get a glimpse of her face outline. She keeps her face a secret to the world, and so far, none information could be found regarding her real identity. 

Pornhub Nofacegirl 4
No one knows the identity of the young porn star

Let's check out more snap of the No Face Girl:

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