In an anonymous thread on Reddit, pornstars from across the globe shared their stories on how their friends and family discovered that they were working in the adult entertainment industry. Some were utterly shocked, some managed to stay calm, and some even tried to be supportive of the so-called “disgraceful” career. 

pornstars family not easy
It's not easy for Pornstars to break the news about their professions to friends and family

Kicking off the conversation was a woman claimed to be a “hotwife” - a person who filmed porn with her husband as they have sex with other people. She makes amateur content to post on Pornhub and Reddit. One day, her cousin’s ex-husband stumbled across her Reddit account and awkwardly complimented her on the content. Another time, her father-in-law, caught them mid-scene with a mutual friend of the couple through the front door. He confronted the husband as he thought he was cheating, only to be embarrassed by their lifestyles. 

My Girlfriend Is A World Famous PornStar
Some can be supportive, while others aren't

Continuing the thread, a camgirl shared her harrowing experience. A viewer recognized her and started to call her out by her real name in the chat, asking how her boyfriend was doing. The woman expressed her insecurity as such invasive action could jeopardize her normal life, and she had no clue who the commenter was. Another camgirl who lives in a small town says that every single person in the 6,000 inhabitants knows and accepts her profession - despite her dad’s colleagues “teasing him”. 

An actual Pornhub model shared her not so fun experience when a friend’s unexpectedly exposed her career in the workplace. What makes it worse is that it’s a local store that she visits often. And now, every time she posts a new video, there’s an image stuck in her head that at least someone who knows her by sight and name has seen it. That’s not an ideal thought to constantly live with. 

pornstars family hell on earth
To some pornstars, it's hell-on-earth to learn that the surrounding people know what they do

In another case, a pornographic actress was blamed for the “breakdown of the family” after her husband’s uncle found a clip online. Instead of confronting the fact with her husband, the uncle went straight to her mother-in-law, who was grieving over the death of her husband. To add fuel to the flame, they are Persian - so such a profession is considered a disgrace to the family. 

pornstars family christan
It's nearly impossible for a Christan family to accept the truth

Finally, a woman recalled the story of her adoptive family disowned and left her in the snow at Christmas after she revealed her true profession. She moved to London and worked with a new stage name for a few years before the revelation. Most of her friends already knew the fact and didn’t seem bothered by that. However, her foster family is a different ball game. While her biological mother remained calm as she heard the news from a neighbor, her adoptive family raged and kicked her out in the morning. 

pornstars family shocked
Who wouldn't be shocked at such news?

She admitted that it was hurtful, but she understood. The family was from a high-moral Christian background, and they rarely accept such an outrageous profession as a pornstar. The woman also shared that she quitted the adult entertainment industry after using her little influence to stop a sex trafficking organization in Europe.