The star of The Sky Is Pink - Priyanka Chopra Jonas - is no longer a stranger in the sexy town on Instagram. Besides her sweet moments with her husband Nick Jonas, the Bollywood diva also shared a lot of photos with her wearing glamorous gowns to events, and those pictures are widely praised by the fans.

Priyanka Chopra See Through Bazaar 2
Priyanka Chopra is very active on Instagram

And recently, Priyanka has burnt fans' hearts again with her scorchingly hot photos for Harper's Bazaar. In the picture, Priyanka looks like a devastating bombshell, showcasing her healthy and sexy body with the black see-through outfits. Let's have a look with Gurugamer below:

Priyanka Chopra wears black see-through outfits for Bazaar magazine

Recently, the Bollywood sensation Priyanka Chopra Jonas has taken part in the shooting for the monthly magazine Bazaar (Singapore edition). Her photo is used for the cover of the magazine, and as soon as we saw the picture, we know for sure that this is going to be a fast-selling episode!

Priyanka has uploaded that pictures and some more on Instagram, which you can have a look below:

Priyanka Chopra See Through Bazaar 1
Priyanka wearing a sexy see-through gown for Bazaar

In the picture, Priyanka looks pensively into the void while posing beside a car. However, few noticed about the background, as Priyanka has stolen all of the spotlights with her glamorous see-through gown that only serves as a trigger to fans' love. Under the gown, the star actress wears black tops and shorts, which embellish her sexy body parts. The entire picture is filled with a monotonous theme, which makes us feel like it's the old times where Priyanka is still in her best-looking era!

Priyanka Chopra See Through Bazaar 6
Priyanka just look perfect with black-n-white filter and see-through gown!

Alongside that outstanding one, Priyanka also uploaded three more pictures of her featuring for Bazaar. Enjoy them for yourself!

Priyanka Chopra See Through Bazaar 4
The cover of the magazine

Priyanka Chopra See Through Bazaar 5
Showing fans the glorious legs!

On the other hand, Priyanka Chopra has become the second Indian celebrities to hit 5 crore followers on Instagram and made it into the 2019 Instagram Rich List. It's a list consisting of the one with the highest earnings per Instagram sponsored post, in which Priyanka ranked 19th.

Priyanka Chopra is the second Indian to hit 5 Crore Followers on Instagram

In the near future, we will see Priyanka taking off her glamorous look to star in the role of the bioterrorist Ma Anand Sheela in the Wild Wild Country-inspired movie Sheela. Priyanka Chopra Jonas will also take part in the next Netflix film - The White Tiger, co-starring Rajkummar Rao as well.