Yesterday in an online CS:GO match, Mathias 'MSL' Lauridsen had to quit amidst the game. Things got weird as the player ceased to act during the 14th round. That gave the advantage to his opponent as they were playing 5vs4. The story turned out to be quite surprising.

Pro Csgo Stop Fire 07
Luckily, MSL got out unharmed

An unfortunate turn of event

MSL is the In-game Leader for CS:GO Optic Gaming. The team was attending GG.BET New York Invitational - ESL One New York 2019 Qualifier when the incident happened. The CS:GO game was in the playoffs of the tournament. They played against BIG in the semi-finals.

Pro Csgo Stop Fire 01
MSL was fighting for a ticket to the ESL One New York 2019

OpTic started out with a victory on Vertigo where they won their map pick 16-8 against the German side. The next map turned out to be a success with 12 rounds in a row for the Danish side. After many failed attempts, BIG finally got a round win in the 13th.

Things started to go horribly wrong in the 14th round. MSL froze and stopped moving. That paved the way for BIG to penetrate the bomb site. After the round, MSL quit the game and the match paused.

MSL quickly posted a Tweet to update his current situation.

Alive and shooting

Luckily, the player got out unharmed. The quickly went to his friend’s house to reconnect to the match. It took quite a while for MSL to regain his performance. OpTic in the second half struggled to penetrate the bomb site. The game went to overtime and OpTic eventually won the match at 19-15.

Pro Csgo Stop Fire 02
MSL with his teammates won the match

This is an unfortunate event for MSL when he had to play the match from home. OpTic has recently been acquired by the giant Esports organization Immortal Gaming Club. After the acquisition, the OpTic CS:GO roster went through radical changes. Immortal Gaming Club seemed to neglect the roster and leave them to their own devices.

Pro Csgo Stop Fire 06
Immortal Gaming Club seems to have neglected their OpTic CS:GO roster

Consequently, OpTic players had to prepare their own gaming facilities and eventually ended up with the unfortunate incident. MSL had to play from his home and rushed to his friend’s home to continue the match. Had it not been for the organization’s neglect, things wouldn’t have gone this wrong.

After all, it turned out well as OpTic won the match and eventually beat Forze to book a ticket to the ESL One New York 2019. Hopefully, they will do well there.