A female streamer has recently come up with a daring idea to express love with her boyfriend: she was planning to propose to him via a game.

Instead of saying “I love you, marry me”, young people have nowadays had countless ways to show their love with partners and therefore, they can feel more romantic and have more beautiful moments whenever thinking of each other.

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Beautiful streamer Jenwaaa.

That may be exactly what the female streamer nicknamed Jenwaaa hoped after receiving a sparkling diamond ring from her watchers in the game Animal Crossing. Any boy must feel surprised and happy when getting such an awesome gift from his girlfriend.

Jenwaaa’s plan sounded to be better than the best! She just needed to wait for her boyfriend to enter the live streaming room and take him to the garden in the game - the place where she had put the ring and proposed him.

A few moments later, her boyfriend appeared as she planned. Jenwaaa asked him to notice the game’s screen and the lucky guy rapidly felt impressed by the sunset in Animal Crossing. However, he thought that’s all that she showed to him. The beautiful streamer had no choice but to give a suggestion that she would give him a very important thing. She moved to the garden and showed him the proposal ring.

The garden where she put the proposal ring.

No surprise. No happiness. The only thing Jenwaaa’s boyfriend sent her was just a short word “Okay”. After that, the guy left the live streaming room immediately as if he were busy doing something. It was obvious that his reaction made her completely astounded.

It took her a few moments to regain composure; however, she couldn’t hide her disappointment. After receiving comfort from fans, Jenwaaa looked a bit happier and said that her boyfriend might think she just played a prank as in the previous proposals.

Many suppose that it is just how the female streamer hid her confusion, as well as how she comforted herself. Jenwaaa may tell the truth but his boyfriend must get some troubles when he couldn’t realize her implication. Poor Jenwaaa and of course, poor her boyfriend!