The streamer from China in this incident is a piece of evidence for the rapid development of the live streaming industry. In recent years, many people have managed to change their lives due to their daily work as a streamer and even change their parents’ negative thinking about games. They can now earn their living by games and their own ability.

Streamer China
Before reaching 40 lakhs views, Yi Tiao Xiao Tuan Tuan always hid her face.

That’s why there have been lots of famous streamers on online platforms. Almost all of them are willing to show their own faces on the live stream; however, others choose to hide their faces in a bid to look for differences and something special for their identity.

The female streamer from China in this incident is one of such streamers. She is Yi Tiao Xiao Tuan Tuan. For recent years, she has insisted on hiding her face and therefore, she has successfully arisen the curiosity of her viewers.

Streamer Tuan Tuan Dance

Tuan Tuan Danced

Tuan Tuan Fans
She was on the live streaming session.

However, a few days ago, this streamer decided to remove her face mask for the first time, even to dance on the live streaming session if she could attract 40 lakhs views. Her promise immediately drew huge attention.

In the past, Yi Tiao Xiao Tuan Tuan, in fact, had a relatively large number of fans, due to both her mysterious style and her skills in games including PUBG and PUBG Mobile. Many fans even have got deeply impressed by her ability to play games.

Xiao Tuan Tuan

Along with her promise, the mysterious streamer unleashed the madness amongst her fans on her live streaming session. The number of her fans managed to increase to an incredible number, even higher than “KPIs” as she desired. And what will arrive will arrive, Yi Tiao Xiao Tuan Tuan decided to reveal her face and immediately, the netizens got a big shock.

The reason behind it was so simple. Our streamer doesn’t just play games well, chat with her viewers frequently but she also possesses a beautiful and charming face. It takes as no surprise that after her unmasking and dancing on the live stream, the number of her viewers increased by 20 lakhs - it is surely a record number.

Back in the past, Yi Tiao Xiao Tuan Tuan posted a video of her playing PUBG that stirred all of the netizens in the online gaming world. Even the most difficult gamers have to acknowledge her skills. She must be the most obvious example of the fact that girls can also play games as well as boys.

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