Technology is inevitably revolutionary to our modern way of life, but it doesn’t mean that there are no downsides. Recently, Indian media reported on a rare event: a man filed a lawsuit against Google Maps for sabotaging his marriage.

Indian Man Blames Google Maps
R Chandrasekhar blames Google Maps on sabotaging his marriage

Accordingly, a 49-year-old man named R Chandrasekhar, living in Mayiladuthurai, India, sued the technology giant for ruining his affection for his wife. He claimed that the "Your Timeline" function in the app caused his wife to question his travel schedule all day long. It constantly updated Chandrasekhar’s daily location, including places where he had never been to before. This ended up leading to his struggling to explain to his wife.

The man filed a lawsuit against Google Maps for destroying family happiness.

“For the last few months, my wife has been constantly scanning the ‘Your timeline’ feature on Google Maps and refuses to let me sleep, as she questions where I was.”, R Chandrasekhar said in an interview with The News Minute. 

Google sued
The man wants to make Google pay compensation for his misery

R Chandrasekhar shared that his wife’s interrogation affected not just him, but his entire family. He said he was the victim of familial violence, emotional difficulties, and torture due to Google Maps. Desperate, he went to the police to file a lawsuit against Google, asking for compensation for the misery he suffered.

Unfortunately for Chandrasekhar, his wife didn’t believe what he or anyone else had to say, not even relatives, friends, or family. She firmly believed that Google never did wrong. Therefore, Chandrasekhar is determined to stand up to gain his justice, and make Google pay for the damage it did to his marital life. 

Chandrasekhar plans to do nothing short of suing the company to clear his name. However, according to investigating officer K Singaravelu, the authorities show no interest in following through with the case. Instead, they will take counseling as an alternative option. Should it fail, they will work on the next step.