The Bollywood showbiz has been giving congratulations for Randeep Hooda, as the actor of 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai' has announced that he's making his Hollywood debut soon. To be more specific, the 43-year-old star will join a bigger playground with a Netflix action movie 'Extraction'.

The movie welcome Avengers: Endgame's actor Chris Hemsworth to star as the leading actor beside Randeep, with the producing from Russo Brothers - who are also very famous with their stories in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Randeep Hooda Chris Hemsworth Extraction 1
Chris Hemsworth and Randeep Hooda starring for 'Extraction'

However, it seems that their reputation couldn't reach Randeep Hooda since he didn't know who in the world is Chris Hemsworth before accepting his role! Let's have a look with Gurugamer to see how Randeep actually learn about Chris below:

Randeep Hooda had to Google for Chris Hemsworth!

'Extraction' is a Netflix action movie directed by Sam Hargrave and produced from the hands of the Russo Brothers. It tells the story of Tyler Rake (starred by Chris Hemsworth), a brave mercenary working outlaw. He was hired by a criminal group for the mission of rescuing the son of their notorious imprisoned boss. He will have to dive deep in the underworld, survive from the intense bullet lines and fight for his impossible mission against drug and weapon dealers.

Randeep Hooda Chris Hemsworth Extraction 3
'Extraction' is directed by Sam Hargrave and produced by the Russo Brothers

Beside Randeep Hooda, the movie also welcomes some other renowned Indian actors, including Manoj Bajpayee. Remarkably, this is the first time Randeep Hooda stars for a Hollywood movie, but recently, the actor has revealed that he actually did some research on the lead actor Chris Hemsworth before signing for the film!

Chris Hemsworth is ultimately famous after his successful role with Thor in MCU, especially with the Avengers. However, his name seems to be unfamiliar with Randeep, as the actor of 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai' had to search for Chris's name on Google to find out more about him. And only after he found and admired Chris's splendid acting in 'Rush' did he put his signature down.

Randeep Hooda Chris Hemsworth Extraction 4
Randeep has to look for Chris's information on Google!

Randeep Hooda and Chris Hemsworth quickly got on well with each other

Despite Randeep's being unaware of Chris Hemsworth beforehand, the two quickly formed a tight relationship. And of course, they have done it by the way men often do to getting closer to each other - through fighting. Specifically, Chris Hemsworth has revealed their progress to become friends.

Randeep Hooda Chris Hemsworth Extraction 2
Chris Hemsworth has an awkward introduction with Randeep Hooda

"With Randeep, it's wonderful" - Chris said. Then, he explained that their first encounter was like no other, as they greeted each other with fights, bruises, and cuts. Of course, this friendship is no short of accidents, as Chris sometimes scratches Randeep in their three weeks fighting and filming for the movie, and he's very ashamed of that.

However, it's completely fine by Randeep Hooda, and the 43-year-old actor didn't get mad at this co-star at all. In the end, Tyler Rake's actor confirmed that it is a great time working with the Bollywood actor, and there are very few moments that the two end up in a quiet situation while working for the movie.

Randeep Hooda Chris Hemsworth Extraction 5
The actors often spend a lot of fun times with each other

According to the streaming service, 'Extraction' is going to be premiered on Netflix on April 24, 2020. If you want to see how smooth Randeep Hooda is with his Hollywood debut, don't forget get your Netflix account and bookmark the movie beforehand. Netflix India is providing HD quality for both the Mobile and Basic plan, so you can enjoy the best quality for cheap!

Randeep Hooda Chris Hemsworth Extraction 6
Netflix is providing reasonable prices for its subscription plan in India now

If you haven't know how to sign-up, check our guide in this article, and keep updated with Gurugamer for the latest update on the movie. Enjoy!